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The future of content creation is here

Your own AI will help you move in the right creative direction on social media

What is This Assistant About

Content Co-Pilot

78% of your time saved with your own AI which:
  • Crafts fresh, data-driven videos tailored to your style
  • Backed by solid insight from your audience and competition 
  • Creates content that truly resonates
increase in unique video topics.
unique inspirations monthly
CliqMedia Inc.CliqMedia Inc.
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From Research to Execution

Your new AI companion helps you identify video topics, write the outline/script and will even give you custom tips on the best tools and strategies. 
faster content planning.
vetted tools and tips.
Gain a competitive edge

Leverage Inspiring Channels 

Study competitor channel tactics, tap into unmet audience demands, innovate with untapped trends, and sharpen your strategy to grow faster.
insight gain on competitor strategies.
competitors tracked and analyzed
Always in the know

Never Miss a Trend

OneCliq proactively notifies you about the latest search trends and offers creative ways to seamlessly integrate them into your content.
trending topics monthly.
content relevance score.
all in one

Upload, Repurpose, and Analyze

Upload your ready-to-publish video and instantly get optimized titles, engaging descriptions, written copy, targeted keywords, transcripts, and comprehensive captions.
boost in audience engagement.
datapoints to help maintain accuracy

The First AI Assistant for Creators

Drowning in content tasks? No worries. Let us do the heavy lifting.
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CliqMedia Inc.
How do I get started?

Unleash the OneCliq magic by simply tapping on the 'Start for free' button and take advantage of our free plan.

Can I use OneCliq on mobile?

Our platform only works on desktop, it is not optimized on mobile devices and will not work. Please create your account, verify your email, and use all of OneCliq's amazing features on desktop only.

How many clips and written content can be made?

That is dependent on the length and content of your video, for e.g from an hour long video it can generate anything between 30-45 shorts depending on the content and written content for all platforms, for each clip it creates.

What's this new AI assistant about?

Our new AI assistant is a tool designed for content creators. It simplifies and revolutionizes the process of creating content, making it more efficient and intuitive. With advanced AI technology, it helps generate ideas, optimize/repurpose content, and provide actionable insights, specifically tailored for digital platforms.

What are the requirements for videos?

Your video must be less than 2GB in size. Feel free to upload the following formats from either YouTube, Google, or your device: MP4, MOV, MP3, and WAV.

Do you have a free plan?

Yes! Completely free. 🎉  This is your chance to try it out and see for yourself why so many creators swear by it. And if for any reason you don't love it, you can opt-out risk-free.

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Personal Content Assistant
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Personal Content Assistant
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Streamlining Research
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Enable Powerful Storytelling
Your Personal Content Assistant
Streamlining Research
Refining Writing
Optimizing Content
Enable Powerful Storytelling
Your Personal Content Assistant
Streamlining Research
Refining Writing
Optimizing Content
Enable Powerful Storytelling
Your Personal Content Assistant

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