Your New AI Co-Worker

The co-worker that helps your team research, write, and create content without the guesswork.
The AI team member for thousands of marketers & agencies
Trusted by big players around the world

Never research, write or create alone

Built to enhance and speed up your research and creating capabilities

In-text Citations

Find the information you need fast. Access curated, credible sources that are linked in your content to provide credibility to your viewers

Uses Your Brand Voice

Save up to 4 days stuck on writing your content with a co-worker that takes out the guesswork and writes in your tone

Transforms Your Videos

Upload your videos and instantly get titles, descriptions, targeted keywords, transcripts, written copy and captions.

Helps You Brainstorm Ideas

Analyze competitors, uncover audience needs, and innovate with trends. OneCliq suggests creative content and marketing ideas.

We get agencies talk'n


Agency & Brand plans

Collaborate with your marketing team and speed up your workflow.

Your data is always safe

With OneCliq, your data stays yours, and is never used for training purposes. Our AI can run on a separate secure server or on your own server to keep your content private. We handle security for you and follow top standards like SOC2 and GDPR to keep your data safe.
Enterprise Grade Security
Exceeded Standards
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You're in control

Types of tasks OneCliq can help you with
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Competitor analysis

Study competitor tactics, tap into unmet audience needs, and sharpen your strategy to grow faster.
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Audience analysis

Tells you current trends and suggests creative ways to integrate them into your strategy.
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Video Repurposing

Upload your videos, get titles, descriptions, written content, transcripts, captions instantly.
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Blog Posts

Save hours writing your blogs articles and email sequences.
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Email Flows

Save hours writing your email sequences.
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Brainstorming Ideas

Helps you choose video topics, write outlines/scripts, and offers custom tips on tools and strategies.

What. The.

What does OneCliq do?
OneCliq is an artifically intelligent coworker for marketing agencies that automates workflows like email campaigns, blog posts, and social media content. It analyzes your audience in real-time, turning data into winning marketing strategies. OneCliq even creates SEO-friendly content that matches your brand voice and helps you brainstorm ideas, making marketing guesswork-free.
Is my data secure with OneCliq?
Of course, we use advanced encryption and secure data storage, complying with major data protection regulations to keep your information safe.
How does OneCliq ensure the content matches our brand voice?
OneCliq uses Brand Kits, where you input your brand’s tone, style, and values. The AI generates content that aligns with these specifications, and you can review and adjust it to ensure accuracy.
Can I use OneCliq on mobile?
At the moment, our platform only works on desktop, it is not optimized on mobile devices and will not work. Please create your account, verify your email, and use all of OneCliq's amazing features on desktop only.
How can I get started?
You can either book a demo to learn about OneCliq for enterprise or click Start Creating to test it out for yourself.
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