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Earn 20% commission off your referrals; for life.

What is OneCliq's partner program?

  • Referrals get exclusive discounts & bonuses
  • You get 20% commission off every referral
  • Recurring monthly Lifetime / No cap
  • Gain access to our private community, affiliate contests, summits, and key resources to grow your ambassador business.
  • 1000 customers = $15,000/mo for YOU
Apply if you're a:
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business owner with a network
  • Community Builder
  • Video Production Freelancer
  • Professional Affiliate Marketer

✨ How it works

Share your link
Share your referral link with your friends, followers, or customers.
Somebody signs up
When your friends subscribe to OneCliq, they will be attributed to you.
Earn 20% commission
You'll earn 20% of their monthly subscription fee for life.

How to succeed as an affiliate.

Content creation with your unique link

Top ambassador partners create content that explains the benefits using OneCliq. Like telling your friends why you think OneCliq is awesome.

Support your customers

Top ambassadors not only help people sign up, but also support them to get the most out of the platform and achieve their goals over time. Remember, the more friends you bring and the longer they stay, the more you earn.

Stay on top of product updates

Top affiliates are the first to test new feature rollouts and alert their community to the latest updates. This keeps your affiliate customers engaged and at the cutting edge of this amazing tech. 

BONUS: The BEST ambassadors advise our team on what to roll out next. 
Benefits Of Being a OneCliq Ambassador

our commitment as your preferred content tool.

Product Mastery & Vibrant Community:
Get exclusive, early-bird insight on the roadmap, connect directly with our product team, network with other high-profile affiliates.

Coming soon: perks, rewards and challenges. 😈
Marketing Toolkits:
We’ll help you promote OneCliq with our tested and refined email copy, social media posts, and a bunch of ideas to effectively get the word out.
Effortless Link Monitoring:
Keep an eye on how people interact with your link in real time. Monitor campaign performance to maximize your revenue and watch the passive income roll in. 
Timely Payments:
Get paid fast and on time with your PayPay account in the first three days of each month. 

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
What's the referral cookie duration?

Referral cookies last 60 days. When someone clicks your link, their actions count for 60 days. If they buy something during this time, you earn a commission.

We reserve the right to decline any Ambassador Lead at our discretion. If an Ambassador Lead doesn't purchase a Commissionable Plan within sixty (60) days of their first interaction with your Ambassador Link or Promo Code, you won't be eligible for a Commission, even if they decide to purchase later. Leads are invalid if their first interaction occurs after this Agreement has terminated.

Can I run paid ads?

No, We have a strict no paid search or paid ads policy

Do referrals receive any benefits?

Absolutely. Your referrals are granted a 50% discount on their first month with OneCliq. It's a win for everyone.

Can I use my referral link for personal sign-ups?

You can't refer yourself. Our program is meant to grow OneCliq's user community. Trying to use it for your own personal discount could lead to your account getting terminated.

When are commissions processed?

To be eligible for payouts:
- Wait for a month (Net-30 period).
- Earn more than $25 in commissions.
- Get paid in the first week of the next month.

Is a OneCliq subscription mandatory for affiliates?

Yes, ambassadors must be active OneCliq users. This ensures our ambassadors have firsthand experience with our platform, making their promotions more authentic and relatable. It's all about aligning our community's interests and providing genuine recommendations.

What about refunds?

If a user you recommended cancels and gets a refund, your commission will be reduced. If they cancel without a refund, your current payout stays, but you won't earn from them in the future. 

What happens to my commission if I make less than $25 in a month?

No worries! The money you made will just roll over to the next month until your ambassador revenue passes $25.

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