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How to turn a Webinar into Linkedin Post

Saina Sefidbakht
Head of Product @ OneCliq

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A Linkedin is a game-changer for visibility and engagement testing. Discover how to effortlessly transform your Webinar into an engaging Linkedin Post to establish your authority and spark meaningful conversations and learn what your audience loves. Looking to maximize your Webinar reach with a Linkedin Post? You’re in the right place. OneCliq is a simple-to-use content repurposing assistant that lets you turn Podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars and more into engaging Linkedin Post in seconds. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn the step-by-step process.

Why Turn Your Webinar into Linkedin Post?

Before diving into how to create Linkedin Post from your Webinar, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of repurposing content for your Linkedin. Here are three main reasons:

1. Provide Additional Context

A Linkedin Post allows you to present the context of your Webinar in an easily digestible format. This enables your audience to grasp your message in a summarized version, which appeals to their varying content consumption preferences.

2. Establish Authority on Topics

Creating Linkedin Post from Webinar not only shares your knowledge but also highlights your expertise in specific subject areas. This strengthens your authority in your niche, ultimately enhancing your credibility and contributing to your brand’s growth.

3. Test Content Ideas with Your Audience

Repurposing your Webinar content into Linkedin Post lets you gauge your audience’s interest in various topics. This enables you to calibrate and tailor your Webinar content to better serve your listeners.

How to Create Linkedin Post from Your Webinar Using OneCliq

Step 1: Upload Your Webinar

OneCliq Content Repurposing Assistant Dashboard

First, sign up for a Free Plan on and upload your Webinar directly to the platform. OneCliq will then analyze your audio content, recognizing topic changes within the Webinar.

Step 2: Choose the Linkedin Post

OneCliq Content Repurposing Assistant Dashboard

OneCliq will return several AI-generated Linkedin Post based on the different topics discussed during the Webinar. Browse through these options and select the one you’d like to repurpose for your Linkedin Post.

Step 3: Generate Your Linkedin Post

OneCliq Content Repurposing Assistant Dashboard

Locate the Linkedin button within the content module section and click it. In just a few moments, an entire Linkedin Post will be generated based on the selected Webinar. This will be visible on the right side of your screen in our content editor panel.

Step 4: Download/export Your content

OneCliq Content Repurposing Assistant Dashboard


It's very important to read the content closely and fact-check where needed. Also remember that AI should never do 100% of the work. Make sure to put in at least 1% of editing to make it your own.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Turning your Webinar into a Linkedin Post provides additional context, establishes authority, and helps test content ideas with your audience.
  2. There’s no need to do this work manually: OneCliq Generates Linkedin Post from Webinar in your tone of voice with ease.
  3. Never generate and post without reviewing and refining your content, regardless of any Generative AI model you use.

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Saina Sefidbakht
Head of Product @
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