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4 Proven Tactics for Captivating Content - the Science Behind Going Viral

Emanuel (Mano) Tsiris
Head of Marketing & Comms @

Going viral is the gold rush of content creators. But what separates viral phenomenon from the vast ocean of unseen media? Turns out, there’s a formula to this madness. Let’s dive into the four scientifically-backed tactics that can turn your content from overlooked to overbooked.

The Power of Anticipation

Ryan Trey Han’s secret sauce? Setting up the stakes right from the get-go. His approach leverages a natural human trait: curiosity. By simply sitting in the world’s quietest room and hinting at the possibility of it driving people insane, he instantly grips the audience's attention. Our minds are hungry for what happens next, compelling us to keep watching. It’s the promise of an unfolding story that makes staying till the end irresistible.

Editing Magic

Ever wonder why some videos feel like a feast for your eyes and ears? The answer is dynamic editing. Incorporating effects, on-screen captions, engaging soundtracks, and more can drastically change the viewer's experience. Our brains love multitasking and by feeding it various stimuli, you’re making your content not just watchable, but memorable. This strategy can mark the difference between scrolling past and sticking around.

Humor and Relatability

It’s no revelation that humor works wonders, but why? Simple: It humanizes you. By sharing those belly-aching laughs or cringe-inducing embarrassments, you’re not just a creator—you’re a friend. Relatable content forms a bridge between you and your viewers, making your content not just watchable but shareable. After all, who doesn’t love spreading a little joy and laughter?

Crafting an Irresistible Intro

First impressions matter—in life and in video content. Spending the first minute rambling is like giving your viewers a free ticket to zone out. Instead, hit them with the captivating essence of your video from the start. Show them exactly why they’re here and what they can gain by staying. With a compelling intro, you'll hook your viewers quicker than you can say "viral."


The pathway to viral success is not just about hitting the 'upload' button and praying for the best. It involves understanding human psychology, utilizing engaging editing techniques, connecting through relatability and humor, and presenting your content powerfully from the very first second. Implement these four tactics, and you’re not just creating content; you’re crafting experiences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Leverage Curiosity: Harness the power of anticipation right from your intro. Set up the stakes and promise a payoff to keep viewers clinging to every moment.
  2. Enhance with Editing: Utilize dynamic editing. Add visuals, text, sound effects, and anything that accentuates the sensory experience of your content. Keep your audience's brain captivated.
  3. Be Relatable: Humanize your brand. Share stories, crack jokes, and be your authentic self. Your vulnerability and humor can turn viewers into loyal fans.
  4. Introduce Powerfully: Don’t meander in your video’s opening. Be clear, succinct, and thrilling. Give viewers a reason to stay within the first few seconds.

By embedding these winning strategies into your content creation process, you’re not just hoping to go viral - you’re setting the stage for it. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and turn your next piece of content into an unforgettable journey for your viewers. Remember, viral success is no accident—it’s a science. Let's master it together.

Emanuel (Mano) Tsiris
Head of Marketing & Comms
Mano is a serial entrepreneur who is a part of the founding team behind OneCliq. His experience ranges from launching e-commerce businesses, to creating media businesses like food blogs and even web agencies. He is able to weave compelling stories, engaging audiences and driving substantial growth through his content - amassing over 40.9M+ organic views. Mano has over 6 years of experience in the entrepreneurial and brand building realm.

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