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OneCliq Update - Smart Cropping and New Video Creation Page

Saina Sefidbakht
Head of Product @ OneCliq

It's been a little while since we've updated you on platform changes but we've been hard at work in the background.

🗣️ Introducing: Smart Cropping

Along with the typical aspect ratio cropping options, we now have a smart crop feature that can automatically centre the speaker, and is great for stacking multiple speakers for vertical videos.

👀 Results page makeover

I also wanted to point out the huge makeover we have recently given to the results page! To help you adjust, I've included images below of where things have moved around to.

List of bite-sized clips

  • Highlights -- clips between 15-90 seconds in length
  • Chapters -- clips between 1-5 minutes in length
  • Master clip -- original video uploaded is under chapters

Written content generation

  • Regenerate content by clicking the semi circle arrow next to the copy icon (top right)
  • Your history of generated content can now be seen by clicking on the arrows next to '1/1' in the bottom right of the text editor

Editing clips

  • Find options to trim your clip, add captions, and change aspect ratio of all your clips

Options for trimming beginning/end of clips

  • Trim by dragging the left and right side of the bar towards the middle
  • Trim by entering specific start & end time-stamps
  • Trim by selecting a specific word on the transcript to start or end the clip on

Changing aspect ratio & smart crop

  • Select an aspect ratio that's best for the platform you're sharing this clip to
  • use smart crop if you want the speaker to be centered automatically, or if you want to stack two speakers for a vertical video
  • Since this feature is in beta mode, it can take between 10-20 minutes to see the change for clips that are longer than a few minutes

Adding captions/subtitles to your video

  • Select from our various caption templates to make your videos more accessible
  • Edit the words in the text editor

Export/download & delete clips

  • Hover over the video player to find the export (download) or delete buttons
  • Exported clips will still appear in your download centre (unchanged)

I hope these changes make a positive impact in your workflow and if you have any questions or concerns I'm just an email away :) :)

Saina Sefidbakht
Head of Product @
Saina Sefidbakht is a self-taught UI/UX designer, who seamlessly transitioned from Product Designer to leading the product vision. Her leadership extends beyond the confines of design; she's been a beacon in various roles, driving impactful initiatives and leading by example. With a UI/UX Design Certificate from the University of Toronto and a BSc in Honours Biology from York University, Saina masterfully blends design expertise with a deep-rooted passion for community and education. She's a design-savvy leader with a heart for positive impact.

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